What is LiveTree?

Over the last 2 years, LiveTree has established a unique, successful crowdfunding business in entertainment. We have captured 5% of the UK crowdfunding market ($1bn global industry for film, TV and content projects) and are now set to launch the next generation of the platform – LiveTree ADEPT (Advanced Decentralized Entertainment Platform for Transparent distribution).

LiveTree ADEPT goes beyond just crowdfunding – it also provides functionality to get the content on to screen.

ADEPT is supported by a digital token – Seed. Seed hands back control to the fan and empowers you to choose the stars of the future and own the content you watch. It provides unique access to the $500bn industry and adds a unprecedented level of transparency and opportunity for content creators.


“I founded LiveTree to empower people online, while helping independent film, TV creators and fans. I have witnessed the Internet moving away from its founding egalitarian principles to one where the large gatekeepers not only in entertainment (Hollywood execs) but also online (search engines and social networks etc) control information to profit from creator’s content, often at the expense of creativity, privacy and freedom. These systems often restrict fans in ways they are not even aware of, in an effort to maximize their profit.

I wanted to create something different. I wanted to take some of the best bits of the Internet, namely crowdfunding, to seed fund entertainment projects, community-based marketing and film distribution, and combine them to form a new model for the web.

With the advent of the blockchain we now have the technology to re-imagine entertainment’s entire value chain removing censorship and adding the opportunity to tell the stories that will change our world told.”

– Ashley Turing

Who we are

Ashley Turing founded LiveTree in 2014. The goal was to help restore the egalitarian principals Sir Tim Berners-Lee originally intended for the Internet. It has grown to a collective of passionate creators and technologists who believe it’s time to change how the web works. This site is dedicated to Aaron Swartz who was an internet pioneer and inspiration. Visit https://adept.livetree.com to see the team behind LiveTree.

Industry Partners

We recognise the industry isn’t going to change overnight.  We have fostered partnerships with some of the leading names in entertainment including:

+14,000 suppliers and companies

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