What is LiveTree?

When you message a friend, share a photo, or like someone’s post, you shouldn’t have to worry about your information being sold to advertisers.

LiveTree is different.

We created LiveTree as an alternative: where you’re in control of your online presence, and not a product to be bought and sold for mega marketing bucks.

Instead of taking profit, we pay you to recommend, or in LiveTree terminology, branch your favourite music, fashion, creative projects or charities. We want to empower users to take back control of their information online.

LiveTree is a word of mouth empowerment platform. Exclusive products and projects can be ‘branched’ by users, meaning: you press a Branch button and it creates a link on your Facebook and Twitter feeds. When your friends click that link, they become your LiveTree Roots (think of Roots like your team). Anything your Roots do that results in a sale or a seed backing of a project, you get a cut of the resulting transaction. The cut, or branch commission, is completely decided by the item seller or project creator, either as a fixed amount or percentage. This, we hope, will serve as a new model for the web.


“I founded LiveTree to empower people online, while helping independents and charities. I have witnessed the Internet moving away from its founding egalitarian principles to one where the large gatekeepers online (search engines and social networks etc) control information to profit from marketing people’s data, often at the expense of privacy and freedom. These systems often restrict users in ways they are not even aware of, in an effort to maximise their profit. Nowadays online people are products.

I wanted to create something different. I wanted to take some of the best bits of the Internet, namely crowdfunding, to seed fund creative projects, social networking and e-commerce, and combine them to form a new model for the web.

The founding principle of this new model needed to empower people online, while protecting users’ privacy and benefiting charities. Ambitious – but using the power of word of mouth, we created LiveTree.”

– Ashley Turing

Who we are

Ashley Turing founded LiveTree as a social enterprise in 2014. The goal was to help restore the egalitarian principals Sir Tim Berners-Lee originally intended for the Internet. It has grown to a collective of British artists, fashion designers, musicians, charities and technologists who believe it’s time to change how the web works. This site is dedicated to Aaron Swartz who was an internet pioneer and inspiration.

Ashley Turing

Steward Armstrong
Graphic Designer

Tom Hurst
Creative Project,
charities & Innovation

Raj Dosanjh


Charity Partners

We want to raise awareness for our partnered charities and, of course, you can donate to them or back one of their seed projects if you so wish. Please get in touch if you are a charity and would like to know more.

http://hope-for-children.org/ http://childrenandarts.org.uk/ http://youthmusic.org.uk/ http://www.growmovement.org/ http://www.footballbeyondborders.org/ http://www.amantani.org.uk/ http://www.doctorsoftheworld.org.uk/